The CSR strategy of JD Agro Cocora is focused on sustaining through involvement and finance of projects that are vital to the development of local communities in Romania.

Supporting the development of local communities

We believe health and education are two important parts in shaping a responsible society, therefore the CSR projects sustained by JD Agro Cocora are defined by the care towards people, by unfolding some reconstruction of medical clinics, schools and kindergardens, offering people the chance for a better life.

Consequently, in January 2019 we started an extensive project of reconstruction of the medical clinic in Reviga, Ialomița county, by replacing the old roof of the building with a new modern and durable one. Then, furniture and medical equipment were aquired so as to the medical clinic became functional and the medical care activity can be performed in optimal conditions from now on.

In July 2019, the medical clinic in Cocora, Ialomița county was also equipped with medical supply necessary to perform their daily medical activity.

During 2018-2019, JD Agro Cocora supported the local authorities in Amzacea, Constanța county, to carry out sewer system works which were extremely necessary in this area. This project brought an important comfort improvement to Amzacea residents.

“A healthy heart caravan” – the most important CSR project conducted by our company so far, by which we were able to offer medical assistance to the elderly and the ones in need, people who do not have access to medical services offered at European standards.

The project “A healthy heart caravan” was initially planned for a number of 160 patients, but the requests on the spot were far too many, so that in the end the project included approximatively 200 patients within 3 communes. The project was carried out at our farm in Cocora.

This was an extremely vital project for local communities in Ialomița county that have been deprived for years of the possibility to benefit from medical check-ups and treatments given by specialist doctors.

The association “The caravan with doctors” brought high-performance medical equipment needed for medical check-ups performed at European standards. First part of medical project “ A healthy heart caravan” included a complete set of blood test and the second part focused on check-up and diagnosis. Patients diagnosed with different medical disorders, received medical letters from the specialist doctors in order to benefit from appropriate treatments.

The development of local communities has a positive effect on inhabitants’ standard of living.We started 2022 with a CSR project to modernise the clinic in Chiojdeanca, Prahova county, which was equipped with medical supply needed to diagnose pacients and modern furniture to embellish the consultation rooms within the clinic.

Modernising schools

JD Agro Cocora supports new generations by helping ensure optimal conditions within the educational process, consequently during 2017-2018 before the beginning of the school year, the company carried out the project “Back to school”. The pupils from the schools in Cocora, Reviga, Valea Măcrișului, General Scărișoreanu, Amzacea, Plopeni, Chirnogeni, received schoolbags equipped with stationary that will be of great help throughout the school year.

During 2018-2019, the project aimed at modernising schools in Constanta county, the school in Amzacea commune was equipped with a new video projector and also the schools in Plopeni and Chirnogeni communes, where multifunctional printers necessary for modernising the educational process. For the schools in Cocora, Reviga and Valea Mǎcrișului, Ialomița county, the new school year 2019 brought an improvement, now having new curtains, a multifunctional printer and a fully equipped gym ready for sports activities.

Another local innitiative conducted by JD Agro Cocora during December 2018 – February 2019, included classes V-VIII school renovation in Plopeni, Chirnogeni commune, Constanta county. The interior of the building was extremely damaged, jeopardising the educational activities and diminishing the pupils ‘comfort mood. This project brought a lot of joy both to the pupils and the teachers, representing another step onto the community development, thus creating a safer and better future for the coming generations.

Supporting local football teams

Just as important / Equally important for the young generations is practising sports to help maintain a healthy life. This is the reason why, our company supported young athletes, sponsoring the football teams Luceafărul Amzacea, AS Pelinul (Comana commune) and Voința Reviga.


Leisure spent together with colleagues, neighbours, friends can bring you much relaxation and revitalisation, especially to those who work hard to cultivate the land. As a token of appreciation for the people living in Chirnogeni and Plopeni, JD Agro Cocora organised in September 2018, a field celebration with good music, traditional Romanian food, a lot of socializing and good cheer.

Our commitment to the community

In the coming years we will continue to carry out CSR projects in the communes where we activate, being aware of the importance of these projects in the development of the local communities.
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