About us

JD Agro Cocora is one of the leading agricultural companies in Romania. Our business scope is based on crop production. JD Agro Cocora is a subsidiary of Romania Farm Invest A/S.

In 2008 JD Agro Cocora was launched including the acquisition of 5,000 hectares of farmland and building a new modern farm on a green field in Ialomița county. Currently, including its subsidiaries, JD Agro Cocora cultivates 14,700 hectares in Ialomița, Constanța and Buzǎu counties.

The group employs 58 people. With an international expertise in the field of agricultural exploitation, the company has created a solid team with highly skilled specialists in Constanța and Ialomița counties.

The main operational point of JD Agro Cocora is the farm in Cocora, Ialomița county. The farm consists of a hall for machines, a warehouse, office space, and a storage capacity as well as silos with the total capacity of 40,000 tonnes.

The second operational point is a newly built farm in Amzacea, Constanta county.

Sustainable agriculture

Our priority is to promote sustainable agriculture that ensures healthy soils, environment and food for the people.
We respect the soil
Since 2018, we started to implement “NoTill” in our operation, which is a low-disturbance technology. We do not cultivate the main part of our surface, but only seed directly into the stubbles from the previous crop. This protects the soils and the life under our crops and increase the plant available moisture, as well as much less fuel is consumed, consequently reducing the level of air pollution.

Our Story

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